How does the website lay out words

Choosing words is to select the words and distribute them reasonably. Usually, the site titles are mainly core keywords and subject words; the classification goals and columns are mainly target keywords, and the article pages are mainly long-tail words. pay attention to reasonable Allocation.
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Website title (title) + website description
The title is the top priority of website optimization. The layout must be rigorous and reflect the core keywords. For example, if we are doing online promotion and the brand is XX, then the title of our website can be "XXXX is committed to online promotion. , Internet marketing, brand promotion company ".
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There are four keywords here, namely Internet promotion, Internet marketing, brand promotion, brand promotion company, our title should be controlled within 30 words, because if it is too long, the search engine will not display, affecting the user experience. In addition, we also need to learn to use keyword cleverly.
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Some people like to put keywords on the title, such as "a certain brand promotion, brand promotion company, brand promotion company which is better", the word "brand promotion" is repeated three times in the title, this is the obvious key Word stacking will affect optimization and may be considered cheating. It is recommended that keywords appear only once in the title.
A good description can not only improve the ranking, but also allow users to better understand the company's situation, and here is also a good place to optimize. The keywords in the website description can be repeated 2-3 times, the description should be professional and attractive . Some people are used to adding contact information to the description. Although users can reach you without clicking on the website, the content of the description cannot be displayed too much. It is recommended that the number of words in the description should be controlled within 120 words.
Website keywords
Website keywords are mainly distributed on the homepage, category pages, and catalog pages of the experienced keywords. Although this will not have a direct effect on website optimization, users can only see it after clicking the website source code, but it can improve the user experience. Usually put some core keywords, the number is 3 to 5.
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